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  • HTTP triggers pass on which HTTP verb was used when triggering it
  • Optional HTTP parameters allowed
  • Agent heartbeat monitoring added
  • bugs relating to process execution errors, exceptions, string validation, process updating, and NuGet importing on IE

4.1 SR5

New and improved in this release:

  • Improved log message processing
  • Added support for parallel foreach branches
  • Fixed errors caused by erroneous NuGet blob metadata
  • Fixed bug which caused agent to not start if generated SQL password contained ampersand (&)
  • Fixed bug which caused file watch trigger to sometimes process same file twice
  • Fixed bug where missing HTTP parameter caused KeyNotFoundException
  • Fixed bug which caused Cobalt custom editor to not be always shown
  • Fixed bug where ScheduleTriggerManager sometimes crashed agent
  • Fixed bug where non-ascii characters in process name prevented process from saving
  • Fixed bug where exceptions with cyclic property references were not reported correctly via UI