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By default, a FRENDS⁴ system has only one Environment, named "Default". It is also the only Environment where you can import, create or edit Processes. The "Default" environment always has the latest version of a Process deployed. It can be used as the development Environment, or if that is kept separate, as the Environment where the Processes are imported and then deployed to other Environments.


To deploy a version of one process to another Environment, choose Deploy from the Actions menu for the Process. You can also deploy multiple Processes at once by checking the checkboxes at the start of their rows, and choose Deploy from the Batch Actions menu.

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After this, you can select the versions of the processes to deploy as well as the Environment where to deploy them to. Clicking Deploy will update the configuration and notify the Agents that they now should use a specific process version (see Agents on the Architecture overview topic for more on the process).